Book One, Chapter 33: Uncle and Nephew

When Li Jianheng had finished smashing his things, he subsided into sobs, face in his hands. Xiao Chi’ye picked a clear spot amongst the debris and knelt, waiting. A while later, when Li Jianheng had got a hold of himself a little, he finally said, “Oh, get up! You don’t have to kneel there likeContinue reading “Book One, Chapter 33: Uncle and Nephew”

Book One, Chapter 31: The Nape

“Then you should definitely take it off.” Xiao Chi’ye untied his vambraces, then placed them, and his great-cloak and over-robes, on a wooden rack under the eaves. The soldiers within the facility’s interior hall made to approach and greet him, but he stopped them with a gesture. Turning back around, his eyes fell back onContinue reading “Book One, Chapter 31: The Nape”

Book One, Chapter 30: King of the Wolves

Xiao Chi’ye seemed to have clean forgotten his indiscretion last night as he spurred his horse across the streets, setting off tides of complaints from the roadside vendors. As he arrived at the Palace gates, he caught sight of one of the carriages from the family manor. Zhao Hui drew up the curtains for XiaoContinue reading “Book One, Chapter 30: King of the Wolves”

Book One, Chapter 27: Autumn Chill

Shen Zechuan quickly turned his surprise into a smile and said, “Well, it wasn’t an earth-shattering secret anyway… I’ll see you around.” “Wait till I’m finished,” Xiao Chi’ye was in a pretty good mood today, having got his lost ring back. “Since Ji Gang is your teacher, that makes us brothers under the same sect.Continue reading “Book One, Chapter 27: Autumn Chill”

Book One, Chapter 24: Rainy Night

Lightening flashed, and thunder rumbled. Rain fell like curtains over the night. Qiao Tianya stood back up. He handed the slim blades to the men behind him for safekeeping and said, “Xiao Ce’an was hit by one of the bolts. He won’t be running far.” At the bottom of the slope, Xiao Chi’ye and ShenContinue reading “Book One, Chapter 24: Rainy Night”